INKAS® offers complete Safe Manufacturing and Maintenance Services to a multitude of small businesses, Government Organizations, Municipalities, Financial Institutions, Retail Businesses and Vending Companies.

INKAS® Safe Manufacturing and Services are comprised of fabrication, design and modification, repainting, moving, repairing and lock-changing. Within a truly state-of-the-art facility, our safe manufacturing is certified, tested and has a proven track record.


  • Certified and Secured Products
  • Comprehensive Warranty
  • Fully Customizable Solutions
  • Highly Secured Locks
  • Full Cycle Services
  • Friendly and Professional Service

At INKAS® Safe Manufacturing, we pride ourselves on the complete design, fabrication, and production of each of our certified, high-quality commercial safes. From start to finish, INKAS® creates commercial safes that are designed and manufactured to meet every client’s exact requirements. With experience in hotel safes, cash depositories, jewelry safes, fire-resistant safes, fireproof cabinets, and more, INKAS® has no doubt built a safe fit for your industry.

All INKAS® commercial safes are fully customizable in both interior layout and exterior design. You don’t need to settle for a model that only meets some of your requirement—we will make sure your safe is perfectly suited to your needs. Before you begin comparing models, consider the following factors:

Burglary rating – On the lower end of protection is a class B-rated safe built to protect up to $5,000 worth of valuables. The highest level of protection is the UL-certified TRTL-30X6 rating set to protect over one million dollars’ worth of valuables.

Fire protection – Just because a safe is protected from theft doesn’t mean it is fire resistant. For added fire protection, you should look for a safe with at least one hour of fire resistance.

Locking mechanism – Both electronic and mechanical locks are available for any INKAS® safe. Digital options offer flexibility and speed, while mechanical locks are accessible in a power failure and can last decades.