INKAS® is known worldwide for its high-security solutions both for commercial and individual use. Although we design, produce, and deliver a range of models for personal and commercial use, we are always focused on developing customized VIP solutions to meet our clients’ individual needs. INKAS® Safe Manufacturing offers luxury safes completely designed and manufactured in-house to provide the best service to our customers all over the world.

All of our safes can be completely transformed both inside and out to create a customized look and feel. Our facilities have advanced laser-cutting capabilities with experienced staff ready to develop and create the safe best suited to your needs and preferences. Like with any INKAS® brand, our customers know they are getting a best-in-class product using only the highest-quality materials and most innovative security features, while adding a luxurious feel and customer experience.

When deciding to invest in protecting your valuables, don’t just pick something out of necessity, take the time to work with our experts on a style and design that is perfect for you. Our commitment to customized solutions means your safe will seamlessly fit into your space, matching your personal style and specifications.