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Not all safe locks and dials are created equal. INKAS® Safe Manufacturing offers a wide range of dials and locks to fit any requirement, and we customize our safes to our customers’ exact specifications. Ranging from simple to highly intricate, INKAS® carries both La Gard and Sargent and Greenleaf locks and dials. With mechanical combination locks, electronic safe locks, safe deposit locks, and two movement time locks, we have the lock or dial to meet your security requirements.

Dial locks are classic looking, have a very low failure rate, are immune to power outages, and are consistent over time but can be slow to use. Digital locks are becoming more popular as they are fast to use, combinations can be altered quickly, and some include connected audit software. However, they do have a higher failure rate and greater chance of breaking electronic parts. Think about the pros and cons of each style before making your final purchasing decision.